90 Days With The Online Coach

90 Days With The Online Coach - Class 10

I am a big believer in balance when it comes to life and fitness. We are all busy with work, family and life as a whole. During this 90 day period I will provide you with the proper tools, guidance and hold you accountable, so you can change your body. All the guesswork will be taken away and allow you to live life with balance while getting closer to your goals. Macros will be geared to you as an individual and your specific goals.

What To Expect?

The program will be a duration of exactly 90 days with me personally and nobody else. This is open to both males and females and yes you can be out of the United States. The program starts on Monday April 3rd. My coaching is all macro based, so you will not be told to eat any specific food sources, instead I will give you set custom macros to hit. It is your responsibility to hit your macro goals daily. You will receive a workout split based on how many days you can make it to the gym weekly. I will give you instruction on how much cardio to do weekly. Supplements will be recommended by me but are not required. Checkins will be bi weekly on a set day, you will text or email me your weight and pics. I will then make adjustments if needed. Keep in mind this is not one of those "30 day" crash diet challenges. The pace of weight loss will be at a more optimal and healthy pace. So if you are looking for an overnight magic way of changing your body this is the wrong program for you and you shouldn't bother applying. You will receive my personal phone number and email for unlimited text messaging or email access for any questions or concerns.


* A gym membership or full home gym.

* MyFitnessPal or any other macro counting app.

* 90 days of patience and dedication (If you fall off the program that is on you and there are no refunds)


One time payment of $250.

To Apply

* Fill out the application below and email with a current front relaxed picture to apply@the-online-coach.com (Subject your email "90 Day Application")

* Deadline for application is Wednesday March 27th.

* If your application is approved I will send you a PayPal invoice to pay. The invoice needs to be paid within 48 hours or your spot will be given to the next applicant. Spots for this program are very limited.



Location/Time Zone:




Current Weight:

Health Conditions:


Do you Have Experience With Counting Macros/Myfitnesspal?

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Fitness Goal While Working With Me:

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