3XDUL Workout

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My 3XDUL will have you deadlifting 3x per week (fun right). Two days will be with the sumo deadlift and the other day conventional. The frequency is very high and in my opinion is optimal for making both strength and hypertrophy gains. By not leaving any stones unturned, you will maximize your time in the gym. The progressive overload principle is the key to making gains. Your goal is to slowly do the following, increase weight, volume, and/or frequency of training over time. The frequency is already set out for you with this program. It is your responsibility to track your reps, sets, and weight lifted in order to make sure that you are progressing. Both beginner lifters and advanced lifters can use this program. It involves training 6 days per week, a ton of volume and high frequency. I have kept it very simple with the structure because I am a big advocate of auto regulation. Learning to auto regulate your training on your own will allow you to know and identify when to overreach, as well as when to pull back with your intensity. There are no percentages listed because like I said the program is geared toward auto regulation.

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