Bench More Program

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Increasing your bench press is very tough to do for most people and in my opinion its due to lack of structure and a proper approach to rep ranges and intensity. It also comes from constantly testing your strength instead of taking more time to build strength. I am very proud to say that I have built up a respectable bench press max over the years. I’ve tried anything and everything, so I hope my experience can help you bench more. I put this 12 week program together to give you structure and a game plan when it comes to your bench days. You will be working with percentages so it will be good for any level lifter, beginner or advanced. This program is strictly to help increase your bench and nothing else. Follow it for the 12 weeks. This program involves more frequency; it will require two days of hitting the bench press per week. It will have one hypertrophy day and one strength day per week. 

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